Welcome to Gengrowth 

Properly sited with appropriate setbacks, designed with sensitivity to both the community and environment, our wind farm projects provide clean, reliable power to thousands of homes and businesses.

Our solar projects range in size from a portfolio of thousands of micro-solar projects to some of the largest ground mount solar projects in Canada and the world.

Gengrowth is a leading Canadian based renewable energy developer with a large portfolio of operating and in-development projects across Canada and the US. 

As renewable energy becomes more cost effective and governments fulfill their commitment to reducing carbon emissions and cleaning up the environment clean renewable energy will become an ever more important part of the electricity supply mix.    

Our primary focus is on developing, constructing and operating wind and solar projects of all sizes, from small scale projects to large scale transmission connected projects. In developing our projects we work closely with our partners to develop low impact projects that benefit our property owners, the local community and the environment.

We are eager to partner with property owners, developers and communities to leverage our expertise into successful energy projects providing benefits to all.